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The Artist


With engineering I had to study and work very hard to reach my goals in order to not to disappoint myself. The effort I made was and continues to be gratifying. But I always felt differently the art possibility inside me. I never went against this feeling and this possibility. When I was in my youth I received so many incentives by painter Edmundo Migliaccio and former teacher. I started my paiting career already an adult, when I had the privilege of having my first classes with Carlos Augusto Cardoso, who I consider to be one of the most important fine arts painters in recent Brazilian art history. Today, I thank my mentor and advisor, fine arts painter Raquel Taraborelli, for her incentive in getting me involved more and more with the art masters of the Impressionism. Working in this direction, my art attempts to show beauty without being susceptible to interpretation. Beauty, when explained, dies a little. Sentiment, although obvious, is there to be felt. It is my hope that viewers look upon my work without reserve, and allow themselves to enjoy it and feel its grace.

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